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Microsoft FrontPage Frequently Asked Questions

FrontPage FAQ

Theme questions

Navigation buttons/Link Bars

Flash/Swish questions

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Theme Questions

What's the difference between themes, page templates, and web templates?
Microsoft Themes define the look of navigation buttons, page banners, fonts, font colors, styles, horizontal rules, bullets, and a few other features. By applying a theme to your web, all of these features will be changed. Microsoft Page Templates, on the other hand, specify a specific page layout. They may incorporate Theme elements (for example, navigation bars), but have a pre-defined page design. It is then up to you to add your own content and create a web site with more pages. Microsoft Web Templates help you to create a new web. Using a Web Template will create a web that has a certain navigational structure in place already, with several pre-designed pages. Using the Web Template will help you to get started; it is then up to you to add your content and add or delete pages.

I applied the theme to my page, but it doesn't look anything like the screenshot in your catalog.
It sounds like you are only using the theme, not the included page or web template. Read the explanation in the paragraph above to learn about the differences. Make sure you created a new web using the web template and did not simply apply the theme to a web.

The theme does not automatically apply when I create a new web.
It is possible the theme was packaged with an old version of the installer, which did not correctly name web template folders. You can easily fix this by browsing to:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\1033\Webs
and adding a ".tem" extension to the template's folder name. For example, change "computer" to "computer.tem" - this should fix the problem

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Navigation buttons/Link Bars

My navigation buttons don't show up; I only get text hyperlinks.
You may need to apply the theme. Go to Format/Theme and it will probably have "No Theme" selected. Select the desired theme. Apply it to all pages (or set as default theme depending on your version of FrontPage).

After I add a new page, I don't have navigation buttons.
You will need to add your new page to the navigation structure. Go to Navigation View, and drag your page from the folder list into the nav structure. Also, you may need to edit the nav/link bar properties to reflect the correct level of pages that you are trying to link to.

I have a gap after my vertical navigation bar. The last button on my vertical navigation bar is misaligned.
It's possible that there is some space between the vertical navigation and a table cell. Click on the vertical bar, then go to HTML view. You should see the HTML code for the vertical bar highlighted. It will look something like:
<!--webbot .... >
After that line, you will probably see something like:
Delete the extra spaces between the two lines so that you have something like:
<!--webbot .... ></TD>

My buttons don't have rollover effects when I preview the page.
If you are in Preview mode of FrontPage, this is normal. Preview mode does not show rollover effects. If you go to File/Preview In Browser and view your page in a normal browser, the rollover effects should work. Otherwise, go to Format/Theme and make sure that the "Active Graphics" box is checked.

I see white areas in Preview Mode where the navigation buttons should be.
Go to File/Preview In Browser and view your page in a normal browser. Your page will probably look fine. If not, then contact us directly for assistance.

How do I change the buttons or the text on my navigation bars?
The navigation/link bars are generated by Microsoft FrontPage. In 2000, the navigation bars are generated based on your navigation structure. You may change the text on a button by changing the Page Title in navigation view. In 2002, you may create custom link bars. You may also choose the style of the buttons -- you may use the page's theme, or a different theme, or text styles.

My navigation bars show up fine in FrontPage, but not in the web on my server.
This is an issue with your server. Contact your ISP and make sure that the latest FrontPage extensions are applied to your domain.

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My template uses "Flash text," but I can't see my own text in FrontPage or on my computer.
This is a Flash 6 Player issue. With some of the releases of the new Flash player plug-in, your Flash text will show up fine after you publish to a server, but will either not appear or have "default" taglines in FrontPage's Normal View and Preview in Browser.

I am using a template with a Swish movie. I modified the .swi but the changes are not showing up on my web site. What's wrong?
The movie that is embedded in the web page is an ".swf" file. You will need to go to File > Export > SWF and export your changes into the .swf format. Replace your existing movie in the web.

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After installing FP2003, I can no longer find my old themes and templates.
FrontPage 2003 uses a different folder to house themes and templates. Visit the Microsoft FrontPage site for more information on how to move your files.

I see white (or some other solid color) areas in Preview Mode where there should be a table background.
This is probably because the theme uses a transparent gif as a table background. We occasionally have to do this if there are backgrounds that go across several table cells. Some versions of Netscape have a bug that cause table backgrounds to tile within each cell unless the cell background is specified to be a transparent image. Go to File/Preview in Browser and the page should look fine.

My page no longer resizes properly.
I accidentally messed up the table structure of the page and now I can't get it back.

You probably inadvertently dragged a table line, which will "freeze" the table at a certain width, making it no longer resizable. The easiest way to fix this is to copy your content into another page that works properly, then "Save As" over the page you want to replace.

I made a new web, but some of the pages have a weird table with bullets on the left and text pushed all the way over to the right.
Sometimes FrontPage will create a bullet list in a weird table. All you have to do is highlight the cells of the table and delete them, then insert your own bulleted list.

I made a new table and the first paragraph fonts don't match the rest of the text. (The theme or template uses Cascading Style Sheets.)

The HTML for a new table will look something like:
<td>Your text here</td>
<td>Your text here</td>

By default, FrontPage does not put your text inside of "paragraph tags," so styles are not applied to the first text that you put into a table cell. To fix this issue, insert the <p> and </p> tag around your first paragraph in HTML view so that it looks something like:

<td><p>Your text here</p></td>
<td><p>Your text here</p></td>

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If you have any other questions or concerns about FrontPage templates, please go back to the main support page. If you are ready to start looking through our catalog of hundreds of unique designs, click here.